Monday, December 9, 2013

Different Stories of Yolanda, heartbreaking, inspiring and irritating

It always breaks my heart to read a story such as this,  Mom puts up bounty for missing daughter in Tacloban.  I followed other stories of  Yolanda, those missing their  parents, sisters and brothers and relatives.  A fellow blogger and co-member of  Filipino Bloggers Worldwide was also a victim of  Yolanda.  It was  really sad for  blogging community as death was confirmed on the list of Tacloban casualties.  Her last blog before Yolanda took her life away  was,  "Grant Us Special Protection Lord."   While reading her blog, I cried and was deeply saddened. 

But  there is also an inspiring story like  Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho's feature last week, "Love in Time of Yolanda."  A few minutes feature on TV  wasn't enough for me so I followed the story online. I read the whole story on the website.  It was heartwarming.  I cried, so hard that I could feel the love in their story.   Grace was seriously injured during the super typhoon.  Houssam Hammoudi, the fiance  from Canada rushed to see her in Ormoc.   Hammoudi found her beloved one in the hospital lying in bad condition.  He immediately transferred Grace to a private hospital for surgery.  This man find his way to save Grace right on the brink of  disaster.   With only limited option, this man pleaded for help through  blog:  Operation Saving Grace.  In his blog,  Houssam then asked for help. “PLEASE HELP!   If anyone I know gave $10, I can save her.  I only have $1,800 left and that is not enough.”   

The irritating story of  Yolanda is the drama in the senate.  This story also made me cry.  It  totally  left me crying out  of  anger.  During Yolanda, these politicians were quiet, at least  a week of Yolanda.   Just barely  two weeks and a few days,  while the survivors haven't recovered yet,  these two senators came out  and started their own drama, a debate, a trash..  So much of dirty and corrupt politics.  Where were these corrupt politicians during the super typhoon?  I hope  they were all having a vacation in Leyte when  it  happened and drowned themselves with  their conscience in  storm surge.

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