Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thank you, Paul!

Many of  us couldn't get over with the sudden death of "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker.  For Filipinos, it was more heartbreaking because the accident happened  while he was attending a  charitable show to raise funds for the victims of  typhoon "Yolanda."

I remember that Sunday morning when me and friends first heard the news. I thought it was again another hoax like that of many other celebrities.   When I got home, I searched for other article related to the accident and finally confirmed when I heard it straight from CNN news correspondent. I was  shocked and couldn't believe it.

Before the benefit car show, Walker and ROWW (Reach Out World Wide) friends sent medical team to help victims of Yolanda. It was also known that ROWW  sent aid to Cagayan de oro two years ago when the province was hit by tropical storm "Sendong."

Here's a video of Walker along with the cast of "Fast & Furious appealing for aid to the Philippines last November 22, 2013

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