Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Homemade Musical Instrument

The contribution of music to our daily lives is  immeasurable.  It brings us together and  the saying that  it is the language of our heart and soul is true.   The way I understand it, there is nothing to replace music in our lives. Without music, our lives will be  less interesting.

What if you are to create your own music with your own improvised instrument, what would pick?   We can produce music by leaves, fruits, cans, spoon  or anything around us. Regardless  of what  instrument you create,  the music it will  produce  is still a beautiful  sound  to your ear.

This is the handmade musical instrument  that my younger daughter  is required to do in her music  class.  We  thought of making a drum but the teacher warned not to do it anymore because it is easy  with only a can and a fabric to use. Something different came up with her  mind, the maraca.   Students will be graded according to creativity, completion time and uniqueness.   I just realized that doing this task helps her creativity juice flows,   utilize what is there in the  trash and save money.   It takes only a little  step to finish it.  We can also  order an instrument if  it is required, at least to add  a unique sound  to her instrument.   It sounds good using only plastic bottles, pebbles  and other materials  to decorate maraca.  Pebbles were not use in this project  because it sounds like a  broken tin can  so we replaced  it with  small beads.

This is the musical instrument that my daughter did with my little help.  It may not be the bestest  but certainly the effort in making it paid off.


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