Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 is over!

I've been in hiatus for  a long time now, since the holidays started. When was my last post? I mean serious post?   Every time I  press my fingers in this electronic  keyboard,  nothing pops into my mind. I think I used this phrase too many times already and  I  need  an  inspiration to the end of this post so I could finish,  publish and spare this one from my draft page.  I am not going to make a resolution again but I have one wish this year 2014.  I hope it favors me. I want to live my  life free without stress and worries.  I don't need much money,  I just want to happy,  just to be happy,  and I think I deserve to be happy.  That's all I want  my  2014  to be.

It was just the three of us for New Year, our usual way of celebrating any occasions. Partying and non stop eating.  I gained a couple of pounds but I don't mind about that extra calories injected in my system.  I can detox anytime anyway.  My table is abundant of fruits and  that is our  traditional way of celebrating New Year.

Today, I woke up late, a little late than usual.   I kept myself busy with thoughts that my whole year will be good and busy too.  I've done my usual home chores up to the last list,  dusting the toxic powder from last night's  fireworks. I just hope it won't be all chores I'd be busy with the whole year of 2014. 

2013  is over now.  Welcome  2014!  Bring it on!

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