Sunday, March 25, 2012

Have a happy and accident-free summer with Smart Parenting

Summer is the time of the year where kids enjoy playing outside more often, making them prone to accidents like slipping by the pool, scraping their knee, and more. Keep your worries at bay as the March issue of Smart Parenting is filled with tips, features, and stories to help you have a happy and worry-free summer.

Smart Parenting’s guide to an accident-free summer features safety tips to keep in mind when your kids are playing in the water, at the playground, in the neighborhood, and also while traveling. The March issue also helps you keep your kids germ-free by pinpointing the six dirtiest places they go to and the best ways to stay healthy.

Staying home during the summer? Smart Parenting has you covered by giving you a rundown of fun, educational, and safe online sites and TV shows you can watch with your kids. Playtime with other kids can also be a venue for children to hurt each other unintentionally. This month’s issue provides expert advice on how to make your child understand the importance of saying sorry and how you can teach them to apologize.

Chesca Garcia-Kramer graces the cover with her daughters Kendra and her newborn Scarlett as she shares her experiences as a first-time mother, as well as her insights on motherhood and parenting.

The March issue of Smart Parenting, which comes bundled with the latest issue of National Geographic Little Kids, is available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for only P125.

For mommies on-the-go, Smart Parenting is now available on e-magazine format! Simply log on to and click the ‘Subscribe’ button right below the cover of Smart Parenting to purchase your very own e-magazine.

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  1. nice one! can you send me a copy? :P Is that cheska and her babies? so pretty! ;)

  2. yay! my son commented here? :)) ahhahaha just kiddin! i forgot I was using his account when I visited your blog :))


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