Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meme for Toys

I'll be joining a weekly meme hosted by Jes, a blogger who will host the said meme every Thursday. I'm excited to join now to share my children's toys, both old and new. I wonder if I can share their gadgets like their e-book and e-toys. Those were my kids' toys now. If it is okey, then I guess a nitro rc cars would be fine and fit for meme too. I might post some of my friend's including her toy cars which she collected for many years now.

Most of the toys that my kids used to play were dolls. Time flies. My kids are no longer babies and not enjoying them anymore. Other toys were already donated last year. The doll house which is my younger daughter's favorite will be handed down to her cousin. It is now waiting to be delivered and her cousin is excited to play it soon.


  1. I wanna join too. If ever I join, I will only feature one toy. Angry Birds. Haha! Elijah has Angry Birds collections kasi. :)


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