Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jewelry Gift

Wondering why I seldom visit you guys? My PILs are here for a vacation. My online time is still unlimited. I have enough time, it's just that I am having a blogger's block from time to time. Anyways, when my PILs arrived, my daughter and I got a new ring. I can't help but blog about it. It has few stones but I am not sure about the karat. I will ask my MIL about where the stones are made of. It looks very elegant. I am thankful for I received more than what I have wished for. I only want hypoallergenic earrings but I got more than what I expected. Daughter asked if she could use it at school. I warned her not to because wearing such is prohibited inside the campus. Anyways, I love jewelry but I just love to keep it for my collection.

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  1. Oh wow very generous naman ng PIL, umuwi din si hubs mo sis?


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