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Awesome Weekend at F1 Hotel

 I  used to post  with long segues but  this time  I would cut it short.  Disclosure.  This is a long post filled with awesomeness.  You may  start counting  awesome word now.

The last few days of  school year were stressful for my two daughters.   I  told them to just carry it on because  long summer  awaits since  school year will start  in  July.  Our staycation at F1 Hotel came in  perfect time  to kick off  this year as it happened on the   first weekend of vacation.  Hurray!

The hardest to do when you travel is packing and unpacking as it  always takes a lot in preparation but in this travel,  I was relaxed and  spared myself from  it.  I did not cook for our baon and bring only a few clothes in our bag.  Because we would stay in a hotel, extra towels and toiletries were not anymore my concern.

F1 Hotel is the first hotel to open in Bonifacio Global City.  It is  near several establishments  such as world class hospital and shopping center.  A luxury hotel with homey feel  perfectly fits its description.   It has  243 chic rooms including 99 suites and 3 loft suites.  

We were already at the hotel at around 9:30am. Pau Esmedilla, Marketing Coordinator of F1 Hotel and  Spanky Enriquez of  welcomed us at  the Premier Lounge.  They made us feel comfortable and offered us a drink.  We then headed inside the conference room  and met other bloggers for  briefing on what activity awaited us that day. 

I always tell my friend Joy about this group online. I have been blogging for more than five years now and  seeing these awesome people that I look up to in the world of  blogging  overawed me.  Short conference followed for our staycation.   Did I hear it right?  We will stay at Suite Room?

Chef  Sau del Rosario gave us few details of F1 Hotel food for Lent  which made me even more excited that day.   Read on for my complete dinner before the end of this post.

After his short  talk, I immediately asked for photo op with my children and Joy's kids with  celebrity Chef Sau del Rosario.  Should I put a new caption here,  ''Celebrity Chef with Future Chefs."

 The Concierge

The Hotel Lobby

As soon as the staff gave us the key cards, we proceeded to our room and this awaited us.

Different kinds of Suman from different regions of the country with melted tablea.   Nothing is warmer than this!  Such a Pinoy way of   welcoming guest.  It exhibits genuine and warm  Filipino hospitality. 

The Fort Suite

And what surprised us more is the suite where we stayed in.   When  I posted this photo in my IG account with a caption, "our home for the weekend," my friends started to send me messages.     "that suite is  too big for  three."   And I replied,  "Yes, it is quite big that we  can even play  hide and seek." 

Our  room has a king-size bed,  two  32" flat screen LCD TV,   iPad docking station, personal electronic safe,  high speed wireless internet,  refrigerator, coffee/tea maker and complimentary items.

My daughter was overwhelmed and  jumped into bed as soon as she went inside the room.

And I was like a potato couch and  lazied myself at the living room's sofa bed.  

Coffee/Tea Maker, Refrigerator and Mini Bar

This is the suite's bathroom with glass door that separates the shower room. It has rain shower head and another handheld one. 


The bathroom mirror delighted the eyes of my daughter literally  because  it  gave her convenience while  putting her contacts. :)

After unpacking we then headed  to  F All Day Dining  located at the  3rd floor for lunch. We had  some photo ops first before we headed to buffet table.

I couldn't count all the food,  there are too many that deserve a separate feature.   The problem is when I am seeing a lot of food,  I really don't know where to start.  Should it be dessert?  Appetizer?   Soup?  Or main course?   I wish I could eat more and fit them  all in my stomach. I am having some gluttony problem here. Half kidding. I might be hungry and craving for food  but I made sure I only get what I could take in my plate.  

When I proceeded at  Luzminda, my eyes feasted over  Pinoy dishes.  Here's just a few  at the buffet. I wanted  to taste all the seafood  but  I could only pick what my tummy can handle. In my first plate,  I had Paco Salad, Lobster and Oyster. 

Did I make a perfect  presentation for my lunch?  Never mind how I presented my plate.  What matters most is the taste. Yumyum! 

Baked Oyster with Inasal Hollandaise

and more Pinoy food at Luzviminda Festival

Then I went to  the  show kitchen for main course.  There are Foe Grass Sisig,  Balbacua, Bringhe Stuffed Bagnet, Deep Fried Crabs in Alavar Sauce  and more. 

The Sisig Foie Grass

I was already full when I decided to have some more.  And when I came back for my second round,  Balbacua, Bringhe Stuffed Bagnet and  Sisig Foie Grass filled  my plate.
Sisig Goie Grass is  a must to taste.  Sisig with a twist that is. 

Are they serious when they said I shouldn't worry  because the hospital is just near and would only take me a few steps to make?  Lol.  I wasn't scared at all.  I included a plate of fresh fruits  in my meal anyway.

Bringhe Stuffed Bagnet

By just looking at the photo, you could tell how crispy it is. I could hear it cracking while the Chef sliced one for me. Don't dare say NO  to Bagnet or  miss half of your stay.
Suman Festival.  Melted Tablea perfectly goes with this.

 There's too  many sweet too! Cakes, cookies, pastries and more..

Brazo de Mercedez Cake

Mango Creme Brulee

but  our  children headed  at  make-your-own-halohalo  corner.

And that's the fun of  preparing your own halo halo.  You don't know what to put first.  Should it be milk or sugar?

However way it is made,  I just love it to bits.  I love the garbanzos,  kaong, nata, macapuno and jackfruit. Perfect!

There is no doubt halo-halo is summer's favorite!

While our family went up to the room for rest, Joy and I  chatted with this fine lady at the dining.  Her name is Grace. She's very warm  and  attentively attended all our requests.

This is at the third floor near F, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant while the door near  the concierge will lead you to the pool area.  

In every corner,  there is  selfie to capture the view and hashtags that say it all..  hey guys, we're here at   #F1Hotel for staycation.   #family #fun #relaxation #weekend  #happiness  #soblessed  #thankful     

Joy and her family were checked-in at the same floor.  Her kids stayed with us and    watched movie together while most of my hours were spent online. I took advantage of  in-room  high speed broadband. 

And my daughter  made sure she gets  enough rest  in the most comfortable  bed.   She said,  I counted the  blessings and not the sheep to sleep.  She was happy as I figured it  out in her face.

Hey look..  shoooopping!!!!

Canary Lounge

Canary Lounge is an outdoor bar located at the  3rd floor of the hotel.

April Promo

Be mesmerized with timeless songs this April every Thursday and Friday at the bar together with family and friends.

For 5 thirsty and  After 6  April promo, please check the link below  for the package and published rate. 

Staycation to kill that Scorching Summer  package  is  also available.  More of April  promos are available at the website.

Hotel Pool

Children's pool, Lounge pool and Infinity Lap pool.

The Children Pool

Lounge Pool   

Infinity Lap Pool 

The pool was shaded with a building on this side at around 3pm so we did not bother putting on sun block  for skin cover.   It was quite windy that time but still,  it was a fine sunny day.  

I advised them to just swim because this is what the pool is, for lapping. They just can't resist the water and had so much fun.  

Hotel's Gym


The gym operates 24 hours.   The view of the pool is refreshing while sweating out to burn some  calories. 

Taking a photo of my view at night was  included in my list of  things to do but I realized it's too early  and captured this instead.   This is around  6 to 7pm. The next hours were too fast.  When  I checked back, the sun was already up and it was already  7am the next day.


And now for the best part. I was like a  queen being served only the finest for dinner prepared by Chef Sau del Rosario.

I couldn't imagine I would have this  one of a kind treat from F1 Hotel. Imagine this out  of  the world pleasure.  Our meals were prepared by seasoned chef and everything  was awesome. 

For my appetizer/salad I had  Organic Arugula and Micro Sprouts, Citrus Vinaigrette.   I made sure I slowly  savored every bite of it.

Tuscan Style Tomato and Basil Pesto for my soup was served next.  It was heaven.  I wish I could do this at home but I think it's too complicated for me.  The soup reminded me when I worked with the richest family in Europe where we served only the best meal.  

AND THIS!    Steamed Baby Lapu-lapu Fillet, Mini Ratatouille, Lemon Capers Butter Emulsion, Saffron Potatoes cooked to perfection.  Truly tempting and mouth watering.  I made sure all my taste buds were involved while I savored the goodness to the last bite.  I just want to experience  my meal to the fullest. It was really good.  

And now for the dessert..

Toasted Almonds, Vanilla Ice Cream

What more can I ask for? I've tasted  F1 Hotel's best Lenten dishes. 

And my children were delighted with  Fish n' Chip.

After dinner, we squeezed in some time to walk along Bonifacio High Street  together with Mendiolables.

We were already  about five streets away when I remember my  scheduled spa at 10pm so we immediately headed back to the hotel.

Capped the night with spa.  Guest may opt to have it serviced inside the  room but I preferred it   done  at the spa.  The ambiance is just so relaxing that I could sleep. 

The next day was too quick.  Time passed  by much too fast.   I snuggled down in a comfortable seat for a while before we proceeded to dining area for buffet breakfast.


This is my first plate with  bits of everything.  When I sat down for my food, everything was  blurred except for one,  bacon.  Bacon is love!

It seemed I haven't had enough.  I had to go for the next round of extra rice. When I went back,  garlic rice platter was already  empty  but then  I saw the chef  preparing  again so I waited  till  he's done. Patience is a virtue, right? :)

There you go..   It looks like I wasn't contented so I put more fried garlic and spring onion  for toppings.   Tadaaaaa.. perfect!

 Good friends, good coffee, warm people, nice hotel ambiance.

You could tell here how happy our children are.   Our F1 Hotel weekend is one of the best vacations we  had.   What a good way to start our summer!   Did you actually count the word awesome?    Now,  define AWESOME.

And here is F1 Hotel's  endless amusement this Easter Season for the whole family.  Please check   the website below for April Promo:   Holy Week Reel Deal, Easter in Space,  Luscious Lent,  Merienda Cena

F1 Hotel
32nd street, Bonifacio Global City.
Twitter and Instagram: @F1HotelManila


  1. omgosh im so jelous!!!! the hotel looks so nice and elegant!!! i love it!! and the foooooods!!!! hmmm yummmy!!!! makes me wanna go back there now!!!! i miss Filipino breakfast!!!!

  2. as my always reply, you're missing a lot here. :)

  3. nothing beats good hotel, good company and great food :) good luck on your next staycation! :)

  4. We've stayed overnight at F1 Hotel, too, and we really enjoyed our experience. We loved the food and their infinity pool!

  5. Oh wow, I can just imagine how much fun you had staying in F1 Hotel for the weekend. Hope to do this as well with my family soon.

  6. We also stayed at F1 hotel and had the best night ever! Looks like you had fun as well.


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