Monday, December 20, 2010

Are You Sensitive?

I have a very sensitive teeth and gums and I stick to only one brand of toothpaste. When we went to the leading supermarket few weeks ago, there was no available brand so I chose the other one instead. The problem is, my gums and teeth become swollen every time I try the other brand with flavor. It should be at least plain and no flavor at all. Now I am back to Sensodyne.

Sensitive teeth are most likely to happen when you drink or eat cold or sometimes hot foods or drinks. I already had this painful gums yesterday but I still craved for chocolates and donuts with strawberry fillings. I should not complain now. I gave in to my cravings that added to my swollen gums today.

I remember one time when I consulted the dentist about sensitivity of gums and prescribed a certain brand. I forgot the name. :( When rubbed, I immediately felt relieved.

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  1. heheh kme dn dito sa house sensodyne dn...mga sensitive ang teeth eh ;)


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