Sunday, December 12, 2010


While I was at the salon few days ago, I heard a pretty lady complaining bitterly about her recent break up with boyfriend. No, I was not alone listening to her her story as she was actually sharing it out loud that everyone in the parlor paid attention to this lady. It was really a serious moment turned laughter when a gay staff cracked a joke that everyone became distracted and started laughing at his silly moves. Sometimes the world can be so unfair but somehow it lightens the load and ease the feelings even if you don't know the person whom you share it with. I wish I have a longer time that day and stayed a little longer so I could talk with her and let her discover Scottsdale singles to make her smile again. Anyways, when I have a chance to see her again, I will ask her to join the site and move on with her life soon.

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