Saturday, November 13, 2010


It really feels great to be reunited with old classmates in grade school after so many years. I have talked to some of them last week and we're all excited for a planned mini reunion. Since most of them are working abroad, we set the reunion early next year when they come home for vacation. We are still planning for the venue and that depends on how many of our batch mates will attend. I am so surprised when I saw that one of them turned out to be a blooming lady, remembering how she looked like during grade school years. Seeing her in profile picture makes me think that she used the best acne solution as she's oozing with sex appeal and charm in her flawless skin. She looks younger than her age as if she's only in her twenties. Imagine about 25 years of not seeing each other, there should be a lot of difference to recall and compare how funny we looked like then. I am now excited to see all of my old classmates. That must be a happy and memorable moment to look forward to.

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