Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fab Hotel

The weather seems to be so gloomy today. I just came home from media launch of baby products and felt so tired now. I'll blog about the event later. The event was successful and I think it was my third time at the hotel. I have attended seminar twice in the place and I think the last time I went there was a decade ago when I attended the wedding of my former office mate. The hotel still looks as fabulous as it was fifteen years ago. The interior design is amazing not to mention the location which is very accessible to shopping areas in Makati. From the venue of the event, you can see the pool area even with tinted window. It was lightly tinted and I wonder how closely it resembles with window tint indianapolis. I just browsed the site and I am thinking again whether to request the unit owner for tinting of our window or not.

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  1. aw! kaya pla...:))

    oh well bukas n dn ako mag blog ng tungkol sa niuffnang ;)


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