Friday, November 5, 2010

Jewelry Making as Profitable Hobby

I envy my sister who is really good in making jewelry. She taught me how to make jewelry but no matter how much effort she exerted to teach me, still, I find it hard to understand the process of making it. Maybe it's in the hand and it needs passion to be able to create one. My sister started making jewelry as a hobby and later that hobby became her business too. Now that holiday season is coming, my sister expects volume of orders for jewelries and other accessories. If she can close a deal for corporate giveaways, definitely, she will have good sales for the month. Jewelry business is profitable with affordable jewelry making supplies too. Ber months are my sister's favorite months of the year. She is looking forward for many orders this season and wishes that good sales last throughout the year.


  1. jewelry making is a nice hobby where u can earn. and you don;t even need an office for that! :) Alam ko Daphne Osena ad Tweetie De Leon makes jewelries at their homes. :)

  2. If only I have the skill and capital hehehe


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