Thursday, November 4, 2010

Investment for the House

I used to work in Makati before but when I passed by in the area yesterday to attend an event, I felt like a stranger to a place I once called home. It has been a long while since I last visited the area. Although I attend to some events nearby, I seldom see what's inside the city and the new establishments. Yesterday, the place was really new to my sight. When I passed by the unit that I rented many years ago, I was amazed how it looked unlike the way it was before. I say, totally new house although the old foundation still there. The owner must have repaired the old house and replaced doors Washington DC . It was totally wonderful. I am not sure though if the house is still owned by my landlady. If ever, then she made the right decision by investing for the house. Or if it is owned by someone else now, still the money they invested is worth the price for the installment of window. They can even resale it for a higher value. I'm just feeling nostalgic seeing the old place and old house again.

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