Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Site Optimization

My online banking account is still inactive since the day I entered a wrong password and was not able to retrieve it then. And because I could not log in to my account online, I always do my bank transaction over the counter when I want to use it to purchase online. I haven't visited back to update my bank status for many days now. Now that my annual fee for my domain blog is about to expire and need to pay it on time or my blog will be redirected to my hosting site, I am thinking of visiting the bank again to finally issue another password or whatever the bank tells me so. I am tired of going to the bank every now and then and do transaction over the counter since that account is intended for online transaction only. I am also planning to buy a new domain site so I have no choice but keep this banking account active. It was actually my plan many months ago to buy a domain blog, but due to contemplating mind, that plan was put on hold. But as soon as I have finalized the concept of the blog, I will publish and register it in web directory and let SEO experts handle my site optimization for this.


  1. alam mo ang hirap ng walang alam sa computers kundi magtype lng sa keyboard, i was thinking on buying my own domain...just donnu where to start??? any idea...salamat

  2. ayay! don't put it on hold...ehhehehe...buy kana..hehhehe!


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