Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nostalgia 28: Summer with Magic

"Pets are Not Allowed in the Resort." This was posted in one resort where we spent our weekend last summer. But daughter insisted not pet but a member of family. Never did she call even once as dog or pet but by his name. She said that he got his own name so why addressed him as dog.

Typical lifespan of dog is 12 to 15 years but this depends on the breeding. Longest time recorded is 24 years. I am already starting to condition the mind of my little girl about dog life span and that they live shorter than human.
I don't know how it would be like when time comes that Magic has to leave us. It surely will break our heart.

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  1. ano ba. si magic yan. ampon kayo ng isa pa.

  2. ayyy, sige lang... that's part of life..hehehe... pero wait may anak naba yan.. kasi bilihan ko na yung daughter ko ng aso.. sure.. hehehe...

    Nostalgia Here

  3. it was the first thing my cousins reminded me when i got Fritz. and everyday i give thanks that he is in my life. the whole family was heart-broken when our dog was hit by a car when was 13. it took me almost 3 decades to commit of having a dog again.

    Magic is very pretty. enjoy her as long as you can.

  4. Touched ako for her sweetness sis, tama nga nAMAN MEMBER NG FAMILY KAYA DI PWEDE IBAN SA RESORT lol. Smart girl, kepp it up Honey.

    Thank you for being a memory lane traveler thru Nostalgia, and being a virtual friend!

  5. Magic is really a part of your family kaya ganyan cya kamahal ng daughter mo.Enjoy her na lang palagi^_^


  6. Ang ganda nang pictures, very warm there. Ang cute naman nang dog nyo. Oo nga, mga walang batasan ang ibang resort, even the owners own their own dogs nga eh. lol. peace.

    My Nostalgia post


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