Monday, May 17, 2010

Mellow Yellow MOnday

Found this Hibiscus (gumamela) as my photo subject in a resort yesterday. I just love the output result of my camera. Not a DSLR, but my Sony Cybershot. Husband is anti-DSLR and gave this new cam for me instead of my wish, an Olympus DSLR. I'm very tempted to buy DSLR but opted not to since it is working well and I'm starting to fall in love with this cammy anyway.

My Mellow Yellow Monday.


  1. wow ngayon ko lang nalaman na hibiscus pala ang english ng gumamela... hehehe! nice shot sis!

  2. wow! ang ganda ng gumamela...matagal na akong d nakakita ng gumamela....hehehhee...ala akong nakita dito eh....

    nako parang DSLR parin yung gamit mo te....ganda nga ng kuha....ako din...been longing to buy one...pero masaya na muna ako sa fuji time nalang yang DSLR na yan....besides ala naman akong!

    salamat po sa dalaw!

  3. Beautiful color! Hibiscus is what they call it here in US but I told my in laws we call it in the Philippimes Gumamela!! hehe! Happy Monday!

    MYM-Centerpiece light
    MM-After the rain

  4. I really like the lovely subtle yellow of your hibicus. Great choice for MYM.

  5. same tayo sis :) hubby din anti-dslr :)

    nice shot!

    u may view mine here

  6. sis ito na yung meme ko hehehe..

    I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the kick off of the Nostalgia meme that I will be hosting starting this Thursday. Hope you can join the fun!

  7. Ganda ng hibiscus mo mommy nuts bagay sa magagandang tulad natin waaa.


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