Sunday, May 16, 2010

on buying supplies

After a very busy weekend, buying school supplies are therefore my first in my list of to-do-things for the week. School days are fast coming and I'm thinking of buying supplies online. It saves more efforts and I can even get more discounted price buying in bulk order of supplies. Older daughter wants more books for her summer reading list. She already got three on her list and still counting while my little daughter asked me to buy rubber stamps. She loves art. She loves doing her art even on vacation and it seems that she wants some funny character these days. I've noticed that she's also creating that stuff lately. I found some of her old rubber stamps that she kept many years ago and was surprised to see some of her work of arts inside her closet too. She definitely loves to develop this skill on her own and keeping it as her pastime is one great hobby.

By the way, I'm going back to school tomorrow to check if books are available already for my older daughter. I already made reservation earlier but if those items are still not available, I might try to check it out in nearest bookstore. I need to complete those items, including reference books while other supplies will be purchased online.

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