Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

It's Tuesday once again. Have to post-it- note before it slip off my mind..

This is funny that my little girl posted this photo in our ref and look what she did.. taggings.

Join us now with Post-It Note Tuesday and have fun.


  1. hahaah.. this is my favorite post by far! kakatawa yung FB tagging ng kids mo. hello kids!

  2. It's heating up here too.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. We've already been over 90 degrees in Phoenix ... summer is coming! Cute post-its!

  4. I think it is HILARIOUS that she tagged a photo on your fridge!! Fb has made it a whole new world:)

  5. so cute naman ng little girl mo mommy.. tagging the people in the photo. that is very original!

  6. stopping by from PINT!

    LOL at the tagging on your fridge! FB sure has created a whole new world for us and the younger generation!!!!

    Back in the day tagging was what you did to a friend in the backyard making them IT!!!!

  7. Nyahahaha pati si dalaga nakikitag na rin lol.. Cute!

    Advance happy Mother's day! I've got something for you here, hope you like it.


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