Thursday, May 20, 2010

error in publishing comment

I encountered a problem in my comment page. When i checked my email, there were comments waiting to be published but when I checked my dashboard, no comments showed at all. I tried the option of publishing thru email but this error popped up.. bX-6t5z21 I cannot locate anymore the comments. I just copied the comments from my email hoping the support group would be able to recover and fix the error.

For the meantime, comments are no longer moderated and I hope it will go directly to my comment page. In a rush for this post, have to attend to other things. I hope the blogger support will be able to fix this soon. I emailed the Support Group for details of the error. Anyone who encountered the same thing, and knows how to fix this?


  1. Ganyan minsan sa blogger. Pumapalya rin. Ako nga pumapalya na rin minsan

  2. mukhang maayos na yung comments section mo. ganun din sa akin. bka nagkaproblem lng tlga last week, diba? :D


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