Monday, May 24, 2010

San Francisco Repair

Husband's first drive to San Francisco was an unusual experience since he's a total stranger to the place. He did not assume the mountainous place and steep road at times. He said it was a totally different experience. He checked everything especially the brakes to have his driving smoother. When he visited a friend, he asked about San Francisco auto repair just in case he needs to have his car repaired while on vacation trip. He first asked the reputation of the company before he proceeds his car for repair. For him, it is unwise to just leave the car to an unknown repair shop. He keeps his belief by holding on to the words of loyal and satisfied customer like his friend.

He said that ford is easier for him to drive but he is also considering other type of car. He checked the possible repair shop for honda accord should he gets the chance to have one and carefully evaluated the reviews from car enthusiast. He is not really a car enthusiast but he is much into watching drag racing and other off track racing challenge as influenced by his friend who totally loves car.

Right now, he is trying to learn more about the parts needed to be serviced regularly like the timing belt. He just found out that it needs to be replaced in scheduled time since it is made of materials that has to be done in due time. He is wondering the parts that he needs just in case he wants to replace timing belt. He is not really aware about it and most likely he will depend on the repair shop on what to recommend for repair. I advised him to ask the shop and further told the timing belt functions as the driving link between the crankshaft and the camshaft.

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  1. Oops, your hubby and mine are into the same brand --- Ford. ;-) And he's just nearby in us Mommy Nuts.. am also in CA but in South (am inside the south gate, LA and he's in North) when you come here Mommy Nuts, eye ball tayo ha.. and also it's great to really have that dependable repair shop if ever something will happen or for an advance look-up before something's happen or the time he's driving around in San Francisco. cool! Thanks for sharing Mommy Nuts.. muahhh!


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