Sunday, April 4, 2010

where life begins

I'm nearing to stage of life where they say that life begins. Probably you're guessing how old I am now. Every time I look at the mirror, I always find it scary when I see wrinkles in my eyelids. Admittedly, I used anti-wrinkles and it is not that I'm afraid getting old but I just want myself to feel good and gain confident more. When I saw some of my old friends online, I hardly recall their face since a lot of them changed their look after more than twenty five years. And so I asked myself as I turned myself in the mirror as to how do I look now. I want to think that I need a provillus reviews too at my age. When I visited salon last week, one staff approached me and suggested for some treatment but I immediately answered a big "no" since I was not sure about the hair treatment they will be using for my scalp treatment. Because of being too conscious, I didn't let my hair touched by anyone except for my regular hairstylist where I really spend much for it. It has been a year already since then and I'm still afraid whether to let my hair rebond, relax or any hair related treatment. I wouldn't want to take any risk for any cosmetic surgery or other beauty enhancing program where my health will be put at stake.

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  1. same goes.. i think the safest way to keep your youthful look is to eat healthful food like fruits, drink milk and not necessarily HEAVY exercise, but regular WALKING may do...


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