Tuesday, April 6, 2010

pension for me

Lately I realized the importance of social security in our life. I can't imagine myself getting old without any assurance about the future. I pitied senior citizens who were not given enough attention and even neglected by their own family. I checked my old social security and now planning to renew it with hopes that someday it will help me when time comes that I cannot do anything but sit in a rocking chair with my grandchildren around ready to listen to my story of my younger years. If only I can do blogging when I get old, then I will. Well I hope I can still blog when that time comes.

Today, when I visited my ob-gyne for annual check up, it came to my mind about my health condition. It gave me an alarming moment to think about future when I don't even have any insurance to rely. If I have pension then life in the future would be easier for me. Other senior who have the option to receive cash for pension are luckier and I think they deserve it. Now, I think about my future and how life would be when I reach the last stage of my life. I just can't imagine myself as a burden to my children. If only my parents were still alive, surely I will give them an insurance policy as a gift for them where they can enjoy on senior years. But of course, it will not happen anymore. It's only a dream now. I can only get one for myself. Life just passed by so quickly so we all need to prepare for our golden years.

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