Thursday, April 8, 2010

bad credit

I really hate credit card but I was almost tempted to get one for myself when I saw some of my friends using their credit card and enjoying the convenience of it when shopping. Sometimes I envy them for that sole reason. They only bring small amount of money for small purchases. Maybe they're not aware that sometimes, even if they're under control, they never know that they're over spending already and will only be surprised when the bill comes with much bigger amount than they've ever expected. I am speaking through the experience of my roommate before who was shocked when the bill of her purchases came.

When she was applying for a credit card, she was so excited and even checked for approval but it gave her a totally different meaning when she discovered the other side of owning a credit card. For her, credit card means totally messy life. She just can't imagine that spending much would only lead her to bad credit loans. Honestly, I can't sleep well whenever there's unpaid bills at home. I always prioritize our utility bills because in my thoughts, unpaid utility bills are burden to me. I don't want to mess my life with bad credits. However, there are also advantages to using credit card as long as the card holder is aware of the charges and the consequences of using it. It is safer to use debit card since one can spend as much as he wants. It is how you manage credit card. For me, responsible card owner means happy life.

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