Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Printer

When I first bought my desktop, printer was already included in the package and because of that, it gave me no chance to pick the brand that I really wanted. I am inexperienced before in installing software in my computer so I asked an expert to do simple installation for me. My printer works well for the past year but then it acted up late last month because it was overly used for paper works of my daughter at school. Or maybe the printer has served its purpose already. Now, I was thinking of buying a new printer to replace the old one. If I purchase a new brand online, then a Lexmark Ink Cartridges would be a better replacement with hope that ink lasts for another month. There's a website that offers different kind of printers and the link provided will take you to a site where you can choose the printer that suits your need.

Today, while browsing the pictures stored in my desktop, I thought about printing our summer vacation album in my archive. I already have glossy paper to used for my printing and the photos that I selected in my archive will be kept in one album. Husband called last night and asked to print some copy of our photos last vacation. I might send some of the pictures tomorrow when I'm done with my printing. I just wish I had the new printer already to keep me going with this printing job.

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