Sunday, April 4, 2010

yihhaaaa!!! pagerank for my site!

Another blessing for my site! Woohoo! My www:// has gained new page rank, and that's two months after the launch date. Thanks to my BC Blogger friends, to Paula, the genius behind the links, to Kaye for the perfect layout, readers, regular visitor, my dearest follower and Rose with whom I consult when it comes to network blogging. I can't thank you enough. I didn't really expect this to happen very soon and I'm so thankful that in a matter of two months, this blog was able to gain Page Rank 2. Wooohoooo! Thanks Mr. Google for granting me this. If not because of of the email that my blog was approved in one paying site, I wouldn't really know that this blog already has gained PR 2. It's overwhelming! Thank God for the blessing!


  1. ooh, so happy talaga. congrats to you too. hope you can visit my blog sometime.

    following you too. tc.

  2. Yey! pare-pareho tayo. Ano paying site yun sis at gusto ko rin sumali. hehe

    Mommy Diary
    Paula's Place
    WAHM sa Pinas

  3. wow! congratulations to you! ang bilis umakyat ah.

  4. Congratulations! Thanks for following my blog..

  5. Avah!!!! eh congratulations, bakit ako wala pang PR2? wahhhhhh! good job and you're right, your site looks fabulous. Thanks to K's wild and great art skills and imaginative nature.. Hehehe..

  6. @ marce liz: wild? haha! adik.

    yay!!!! buti meron na agad ito. galing galing mo mommy! and yes, let me do your old blog. now na. haha!

    yung comment section pa pala nito mommy. aayusin ko yung graphics. kasi nag-ooverlap sa name ng commenter pag mahaba. where's the username and temporary password na? hihi

  7. waaaaaaaaaaa...way to go! congrats te!


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