Thursday, April 8, 2010

proud mom blogging

Two weeks after the school break, my daughter went back to school this morning for the scheduled card release. She was happy with the result of her grades especially her English subject. Just please don't ask about Math, I'd say never mind please. Now, moving to a higher level next school year. My daughter is into reading activities this summer and she promised me that she'll limit her time with the Internet.

Did I mention before that she got a superior grade in English and IQ TEST last year? She just made me the proudest mom again! Good luck for the next school year! (it is mom blogging here..)


  1. Hi there! Which blog are you more active in? this one or 'Embrace Life'? Thanks! Are you planning to leave the other one?

    It's great to know your kid got some really good grades! I miss getting my card after a school term. I don't miss my grades, though! Nevermind about the Math too! At least your daughter is good in English. English is always handy than Math.

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  3. @halfcrazy, love blogging to the deepest and no plan of leaving any of my site.. i'm actually planning again to purchase a new website.

  4. waaa.....keep up the good work gurl! galing naman ng dalaga mo te....wohooo....:)

    sensya na po at ngayon lang me sick...gosh, d ako makatulog kaya blog hop nalang!

  5. Congrats to your daughter! Our kids' achievements are really our pride and joy. :)


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