Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Web Hosting

Hurray! You can still see smiles in my face because of the recent page rank of this blog. Bloggers know the reason behind and the importance of having a page rank. When I opened this blog, the first thing I did is hire a designer. After deciding about the layout of my blog, I purchased my own domain, opened my blog to search engine and then launched my baby blog. In few months time, I gained my new PR.

When I start blogging, I only know a little and my knowledge is limited only to posting. I don't even know the page rank. But when I discovered blog world, it opened my eyes to more opportunities. I am grateful that some bloggers were kind enough to assist me. They are real friends for life not only virtual. I've learned now the tools in blogging. I am more aware now and even discovered site for web hosting.  I thought that I have no place in the web, but I got mine, even bigger than I expected. I gained friends and opportunities. You don't need to be a geeky to host a website. It only takes one click for the right site. Let's all enjoy the world wide web.

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