Wednesday, April 21, 2010

feast celebration, etc..

Black Nazarene is our Patron Saint celebrated on January 9 but our Feast Day is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of April. There's a story behind how it turned out to be on April. Old folks said that then January 9 fiesta were always welcomed with storm. There was a time of January feast where no visitors came after all the preparations for celebration that even the food they prepared were then spoiled and wasted. So they all agreed to move the feast day in time for summer to spare the feast day from heavy rain and that is 3rd Sunday of April at the peak of summer. So we celebrate feast day two times a year wherein for January 9, mass is being offered for our Patron Saint while every 3rd Sunday of April as feast day celebration.

Feast Celebration

Here in the photo (escort) is my cousin's son, or shall I say nephew to cousin.. (help me google it and translate if you know. (pamangkin sa pinsan) while the princess is my father's cousin's daughter.. (even harder translation I think. whatever. :D)

Also, here is my cousin's son too, (what I mean is nephew to cousin) the escort of the little princess..
The sun was too hot that the motorcade had to stop to give way for the prince who was very thirsty and needed some drink.
Here in the corner of town is our progressive barangay where people live peacefully today.

The following photos were taken a day before fiesta. We had our lunch outside the house and the children had so much fun.
I always love going home where I can spend time in a hammock. This is another hammock post entry, our weekend journey.

* my story about how fiesta was moved to April is based only by old folks story. no official or legal documents to support. :D


  1. haha...ok na ung nephew to cousin...

    nakakamiss naman subaybayan tong mga ganito sa barrio ^^

  2. wow! ang saya saya...pumunta pala kau sa sure masarap ang chibogan..thanks for sharing the photos te....:)

  3. Uulitin ko sinabi ni bakla dhemz,Wow ang saya saya naman ng bonding hehehe. Love all the smiles ng maganak.. Unseparated talaga si magic kay bunso ano sis hehehe.. Sarap siguro kumain ng buko dyan, naku akyat na at magbiyak ng fresh buko uhmm yumyum!

  4. Hello mommy Nuts, asan ka sa picture? I guess ikaw ang nag-picture..

    By the way, I can figure-out your appearance na dahil may pic ka na sa profile.. I thought si Te Khim ka before Mommy Nuts, I recognize you because you commented on my blogs before and I guess I was here too.. Thanks a lot mommy Nuts for being nice.. muahhh!

  5. Ganda ng Karosa, wahhh! miss ko na ang fiesta..dito sa amin di uso ang fiesta, boring dito sa US, hmp!


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