Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Personal Loan

Life seems to be perfect for me when I have no debts to worry about. Whenever there's an offer for me to apply for personal loan, I immediately declined the idea and answered them a big no! But when an emergency arises and there is a need to depend on personal loans, that's the only time I applied for it. I am afraid to think about the idea of drowning myself into debts so loan is a no no for me. Some people never think about it and they're just happy spending without thinking the consequence later. And they're caught by surprise when they found up to neck in debt and helplessly running for personal loans. Too bad, those people who spend much need to control themselves from spending too much.

I salute my sister who owns and maintains her budget wisely. She knows when to shop and when to stop. She is a responsible credit card holder but if she failed so, I'll ask her to check the website for bad credits. I admit that I love shopping and have no control with credit card but since I don't own one, I am in full control of my own budget. I spend cash but limited only to allocated allowance. I only have debit card and I know that hard earned money needs to be spent wisely. Life is happier when you're debt-free, do you agree?.

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