Saturday, October 23, 2010

trendy slippers

it's already a trend in the country. people wear jeans and flip flops when going out even when attending events. Philippines is a tropical country and it is very unusual that you see ladies wearing boots or closed high heeled shoes because the weather is warm and you can't stand wearing boots unless you are in the high lands (not the legume and roasted peanuts in a commercial) where they experience cold weather almost all through the year. daughter loves wearing flip flops and this is her common get up with skinny jeans or jeggings. but not during our last malling when the strap of her slipper suddenly broke. good thing, her cousin had this extra running shoes that she used during the fun run.


  1. awwww...those are cute! I like them all...pede pa arbor te? ehhehehe!

  2. cutie slippers!Dati di masyadong trendy ang mga slippers,ngayon magaganda angmga nasa market and malls.


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