Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Old Friend

I was really surprised this morning when I received a message from an old friend in one social networking site. She's a good friend of mine way back in college and now based in US. I hardly recognized her face in her profile picture and took a second look to recall our old times together. And what do I expect for more than a decade of not seeing each other even online. She looks totally different now. Although she changed physically, her attitude and sweetness never change a bit. I honestly missed her and when we chatted this morning, I came to know how her life had been for more than a decade now. She had her own business now and a stable job but she's all alone in her life. Her story was touchy and told me that she might just register in one networking site where old singles meet in particular. She will spend her Christmas in the country and hope to meet her again soon.

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