Friday, October 1, 2010

Winning a Trophy

I still remember when my daughter was in her kindergarten years. I always encouraged her to join all the events in school. She's a shy type of girl and hardly attend any school program but I pushed her and told her that it wasn't about winning but joining the event. So when she joined the contest, I gave her all the support and told her to just carry herself and present herself confidently. She never thought about going home with the title. So when her name was announced as the winner in the later part of the program, we were all surprised. The presenter gave her the biggest trophy as she bested the other participants and got the Best in Costume award. She captured the heart of the judges because of her way of presenting her costume and that made her a big winner. Other runner up participants received trophies too.

After all these years, her trophy is still in our house and well kept as a souvenir of her achievement during her preschool years.

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