Saturday, October 2, 2010

Passion in Photography

Most of my photos posted in my blogs were taken by my two daughters. They are both camera lovers. My older daughter loves to pursue photography and nature has become her subject recently. She took photos with the right angle and timing and did it well on her own. She could be one Richmond photographer in the future. I just browsed the site and was impressed with all the photographs captured with great passion. Simply amazing!

Part of my blogging activities is photography and I wonder how my blog would look like without this. Thanks to my two lovely ladies who are my regular contributor of photos for my blog. Both want to open their own photo blogs but I told them to just wait. I love to hear from them about their passion at young age. If that happens, then we will be three photo bloggers of the family. That would be fun! We could just walk around with camera and take photos of all the subject we could get.

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