Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Document Storage

It has already been one year since the big typhoon happened that caused heavy flood in the country. Many lives and properties were displaced. I just watched a video clip of the news and realized the importance of storing important property and documents in a Storage store. Typhoon brought big damaged and people affected by the calamity all over the country had to secure copies of important files that were lost in the typhoon. To be honest, I just keep my files and documents in a plastic file box. When the calamity happened last year, our important documents were the first thing that I secured. Some of them were dropped in the flood but I'm still thankful that other important files were saved and if it rained more, I wouldn't save any. Now, I am thinking of putting documents into a safe storage. It just adds to my worries and keeping them in a safe place would make me feel a little bit easier when another typhoon comes. Oh well, I hope and pray not another calamity as devastating as last year.

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