Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moving In

Moving is stressful right? I knew it since we have moved thrice already in less than five years. But moving in is only stressful if you do it by yourself. Why not let the movers like webster tx do it for you. No stress, no damage and what more, you are guaranteed 100% of their expertise in moving.

We moved in to our new abode last year due to major damaged brought by typhoon. And since we all were scared for any calamity to happen again, we moved in to a higher place. It was really stressful to think that we only asked help from our friends nearby. Some of our things were left scattered and other furnitures were broke. I was a bit depressed when my favorite picture frame suddenly dropped down the floor and broke into pieces. But I just kept my mouth and thanked our friends for the help. I was really sad, I should have hired people who were expert in moving instead.

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