Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blinds for my Window

Yay! I already finished my task this weekend. I'm done cleaning the house. I am planning to purchase blinds for my window before I finally set up my Christmas decorations and that will be my assignment next week. Sunlight in the afternoon directly enters the window and I think horizontal blinds are perfect to block the sun's rays and cool down the temperature inside the house. Daughter had been complaining whenever she stays in the living room and felt annoyed with afternoon sunlight. I got two sets of blinds but I will install it instead in the kitchen window. I just checked the blinds that will compliment the color of our wall in the living room. This is exactly the blinds that I saw in my friend's house and I love it. You may click here the blinds that just caught my attention while browsing online this morning. Anyways, this coming Sunday will be my official day off. It will be my rest day and blog hiatus unless there is necessary task to finish. *wink

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