Saturday, October 30, 2010


Our lunch meeting was set to 11am as brunch but we've met nearly 1pm or was it past 1pm. I actually arrived the place earlier but went to watch service center for repair of my old watch that just stopped for no reason at all even with new battery. The staff told me to have my watch serviced. Ok, too much for the watch segue, Lol. So I went down to meet blogger friends waiting at Burger King past 12noon already. As soon as we were complete, we went to Conti's as we chose the resto known for its great pastries and food. It was actually our first time to meet Bambie, our dear fab mommy blogger who just arrived for a quick vacation in the country. Her Kawaii Princess is celebrating 2nd birthday with family and friends and for some reason, we did not make it to attend today. Anyways, there's still many occasions to look forward in the future.

Captured the laughters..
Topic: Smiley in camera and how it works. Jingke tried to capture Jes in frown face. We all wondered how camera detect the smiley features. lol

we were not in the laughing scene here as Fedz, Peh and I occupied the other side. We talked about bloggers who were not around. Kidding. We were talking about our life before blogging here. Lol. See Fedhz? Now I know her inspiring story. I might be her big competence in business, soon as I get to know the secret. lol.
It could be a simple meeting, a lunch date but memories are sure a treasure to keep.

Happy Halloween! See you guys next week. I'll blog hop if I can but I doubt if I can make it with poor internet connection in the place where I am heading to.

*laughters in the title? in a hurry for this post and laughters first came into my mind seeing photos of them in their priceless laughs.. :))

*scheduled post


  1. i think with those shared laughters and the countless stories shared on that occasion, a great friendship has blossomed. hail to u guys! more fun to come.

  2. Ganda ganda ng tawa mo dito sis hehehe.

    Thank you for being one of my top commenters last month! Please leave the url of the blog that you want to put on my sidebar, okay? Thanks again!

  3. how I wish I was there...para sama din ako sa tawanan!

  4. hi nora! i missed this mommy blogger meet, daming gawain that time...


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