Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Board Games

During this kind of weather, we can't help but stay inside the house. We would just watch DVD or play online game. If I know how to play backgammon sets, then I would just invite friends and play games with us. I'm not really playing any board games but I remember when I was younger then, our father used to teach us Dama Chess. Yes, I still know a little about this one. Now, my children are not even playing scrabble or any board games and only fill their time on the computer when home. Sometimes, they watch players playing chess but never really focus on the game. Board games for them are boring. Children, even if they're not really interested with this kind of pastime, should know traditional games too and should pass this on to the next generation. I love the games of the past era and I missed those times when we would just sit down the floor and play cards. I miss the simplicity of life back then.

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