Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nostalgia: #74: Swimming at the Fishpond

I am posting a story with connection to my entry to Johnson's Growing Up Fast moment. It describes an incident which portrays the swimming skills that my younger daughter was trying to show. Read on.

Many years back, we attended a birthday party of a distant relative in Bulacan. I am not sure though when and what year it was. In the place where we went to, there was a fish pond with colorful Coi and Japanese fishes that delighted and thrilled the eyes of my younger daughter. The moment she saw it, she couldn't stay out of it and wanted to catch all the fishes at the pond. Knowing an active kid that she'd always been, I kept my eye on her and reminded her to stay few steps away from the pond but she didn't listen and even asked for a fish net and played with it.

I stayed at her back all time trying to pull her away from the pond whenever she attempted to come closer to the fish. I let her hold the net and played with it for a while. To my surprise, she slipped off and fell into the fishpond. I rushed to dive, swim err, went down to knee-deep pond and got her out of the water. Good thing the pond was just as high as her waist. I saw her face turned into a big surprise that moment.

It was a little bit funny and I wanted to laugh after a while. If it were the time of my blogging moment, probably, I would take a picture first before saving her from the pond to document that spectacular moment in her life. Half kidding. I took her out of the pond first no matter how deep or shallow the water is.

She was giggling and laughing in the first photo and the second was, when she was trying to catch the fish. I didn't actually know we have these photos. We enjoyed that moment and went home late. My share this week for Nostalgia.

I am linking this to Nostalgia. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.



  1. I apologize for the late visit sis, I hope that you are feeling well now. Wawa ka naman.

    This is indeed funny hahaha, wawa naman si bunso.. Para ka palang lifeguard to the rescue sis lol. Thanks for joining kahit maysakit ka, very loyal taga hehehe,. Greatly appreciate it!

  2. grabe, naitabi mo pa nag pictures! isa kang ulirang inay, mabuhay ka!


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