Monday, October 10, 2011

Where to buy old coins?

If there are people who love collecting old items, there are also coin enthusiasts who love trading their old items into coins. Through the help of the Internet, one can easily research on where to find their hobby online like finding the rare coins or even buy morgan dollars. Auction sites can also be a good source when you are looking for these rare items.

Some might find it hard to determine the real value of a coin. If you are just
starting to collect coin items and you want to be familiarized with the value of it, you can consult the appraiser to determine the real value of your possession.

Where can you find the old coins? You may check the auction sites, shows, market, internet, reference books or referrals of a friend. You may always check the site to thoroughly verify if the information given is trusted enough to add those precious coins to your investment.


  1. dati i am thinking of collectong coins kaso hrap nyan eheheh uncle jo sa california nag co collect, he's buying sa Ebay :D

  2. mahirap mag collect ng ganito, tapos pag gusto mong bilhin mamahalan pa nila ang pag benta.


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