Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Natural Gardener

If I am not blogging, probably I am busy gardening right now. I started blogging as a hobby and if there is one hobby that you could also turn into business, I think it would be gardening. I love to grow plants but it is impossible right now because we have no space for it. This is what I miss living in an urban area where gardening happens only in online and virtual world.

I always blog about how envy I am with my sister who lives away from the city. She can grow flowery and fruit bearing plants like tomato, okra and lemon when she wants right in front and at the back of her house. My sister is a natural gardener and only wish garden gifts on her birthday. Seeing flowery plants brings good luck and positive vibes in the house.

Unlike before where her tools are not complete like boots and clothing, today she already has most of them including the gloves to protect her hands. She learned it from me to think that I'm only gardening in my virtual life. When everything turns into reality, definitely, I would start my own garden and would pick orchids and flowery plants first to grow in my own yard.


  1. Lovely flowers. We have the same dream sis. I also want a house with a garden. Flower and vegetable garden that is!


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