Monday, October 24, 2011

Technology Jobs for the Future

Some of you might have already read the news about about the seven gadgets that mostly will vanish by 2020 including the GPS, cellphones, video games and others. See how technology changes so quickly and improves rapidly that we're even left behind discovering new gadgets every month. It just means that in the next decades, new and powerful technology are coming out again. Who would have thought that tablets will become a trend in a tech world today? That fast, that the people have to replace their gadgets more often these days.

For the fast paced technology, jobs related to this seem to be in demand in the next few years or should I say today. A list of jobs at is just a proof that we are already entering a digital age. Employers will most likely hire those who are skilled in computers and those who think faster and digital like that of robots.

I hope that inventions in the next ten or twenty years will focus on climate change. I think more studies should be given on how technology will improve it. I also hope that there are more inventions to make life easier for us. Well, I guess some do experience it now, my only wish is that, it becomes affordable to everyone.

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