Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Human Heart Nature - Genuinely Natural

I always think that the cause of my parents' early death were the products and food that they consumed while they're still living. They both died of cancer. My father was a heavy smoker while my mother worked abroad and I always thought that the products around them contributed a lot to have caused their early deaths. It made me realize how products affect our health in general.

These days, people become so wise. Consumers also become very smart in choosing the product before they actually try. When Human Heart Nature was introduced to us during Blogapalooza event, I became interested because of its natural ingredients. Before purchasing any product, I usually read the label and check the ingredients first.

One product that is always present inside my bag is a sanitizer. Surely, there are lots of sanitizers available now in the market but it is always the effectiveness and the ingredients that we should always consider before trying them. I'm glad that Human Nature offers a sanitizer with 100% No Harmful Ingredients with a very refreshing smell like Citrus Burst. The smell is not irritating nor too strong. Besides, All Spray Sanitizer is an all around sanitizer. You can use it as a room spray, a toilet seat cleaner or as a hand sanitizer. This is available in two sizes; 50ml for P64.75
and 200ml for P189.75 only. With all the natural ingredients and effectiveness, the product is still very much affordable to everyone. Always choose the product with natural ingredients. Choose Human Nature. I highly recommend this product. Whenever we go out, I always make sure I have this in my bag.

Another product from Human Heart Nature that I really love is the Natural Lip Balm. This is available in Tutti-Frutti, Peppermint and Choco Fudge. You wouldn't want to apply the crude oil for your lips right? Oh well, other women never realized that the lip balms and lipsticks they use contain petrolatum, mineral oil and paraffin, synthetic chemicals that are extracted from crude oil. That's the big difference as compared to Human Heart Nature. Human Nature Lip Balm is made only with the finest blend cocoa butter and pure plant oils. The next time you buy a lip balm, check only the natural. Buy only Human Heart Nature products.

Let us support Philippine made product. Support Human Nature 100% Pinoy product!

For more information about Human Nature, please check the links below:

Twitter: @HumanNaturePhil
Facebook: Human Heart Nature


  1. oh i love this product!!! especially the conditioners!! i love the smell and the effects! :) you shoild try that too! my MIL is a dealer :)

  2. Hi! I agree with you to be very careful with the products that we are using. It's wise to read the label before trying any products. I am now very conscious of what I use and eat nice I got diagnosed with myoma.

    Human Nature products are great! Try the shampoo and conditioner, intensive hair mask, sunflower oil, cleanser and toner, feminine wash and deodorant. I use almost all their products. :)

  3. What a lovely post. i love yopassion for supporting local. keep it up girl!


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