Saturday, October 15, 2011

Andi Eigenmann on her Pregnancy

I watched Andi Eigenman few days ago while being interviewed by Boy Abunda. She is so happy with her life right now despite the controversies. She was able to cope up everything because of all the love and support from her family. She wears a a very fashionable outfit and carried herself well. When asked about her pregnancy, she told Boy, "It's a blessing from God, and I'm very much honored."

Andi wears a very elegant outfit when she appeared on TV the other night. She can be a very good model for maternity dresses. You can see the aura in her face that she is contended with her life now. With all the talent that Andi possesses which has been proven it in her past shows and movies, she definitely will make a big comeback after giving birth. She is now on her eighth-month and is expected to deliver a baby a month from now. I believe that she inherited genes from her parents who are well known for their versatility and acting skills.

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  1. truly, pregnancy is a blissful gift. there's nothing to be ashamed of, in case of andi's.

    have a happy tuesday.


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