Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Equestrian

I admire Toni Leviste who represented our country in show jumping in the previous Summer Olympics. Being an equestrian takes a lot of patience and practice. I remember her sweet image and her passion to this sports. She said in one daily newspaper, " When I ride, I ride for the country. That’s what gives me strength and the passion, carrying the country’s colors in international competitions, seeing our flag flying." Leviste has competed in different major equestrians events, including two Olympiads, and other Asian Games.

Being an equestrian takes a lot of discipline and that includes the basic safety standards in riding a horse. Basic safety includes helmets nd riding boots in all the games. It keeps the rider safe because even the horses have tantrums too. When I watched the game on TV the other day, some horses were calm but others looked like having some moods too. It gives me a real thrill watching this kind of sports for I know I will not have a chance to ride in a horse. If equestrians do fall from a horse which is just common to them, what more for someone who is afraid of a horse like me. Maybe I will, only for photo op, complete with a safety gear!

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