Thursday, September 22, 2011

This one’s for you Jing!

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Not quite long ago, when I met this gorgeous lady. It was in Serendra during MUD Make up lesson. I knew that she's a happy person even in our first meeting. Her smile brings a positive view to everyone. She's soft spoken and her cheerful attitude makes a happy spirit around. We've been together for many events and every meeting is a surprise for me discovering more of her personality. So, without further ado, let me say Happy Birthday and thank you for a hearty lunch. I read in your update how you wished to blow your cake in time for Mama Mary's birthday. Just another granted wish on your birthday! Though a little bit late with my post, I know that it doesn't really matter at all now. I totally caught off guard by many events and find no time updating my personal blogs. I know that your life begins moment has just started, so welcome to the community. ^-^ This is the time of being youth in our middle age. Happy 40th Birthday Girl! Just another big milestone in your life! I made a collage for you. I am not sure though if you will like it. My computer was in bad condition during the time I was making this collage. And even if my PC works efficiently, I doubt if I can make a better one. (a good excuse, right?) Here are some of the photos that I have captured that day. It is a always an SOP to take a photo first before you feasted on the the food no matter how hungry you are. For once it reaches your colon, it can never be taken out again for food photography. ^-^ The camera addict! I didn't know there were some ladies behind. Now, tell me who of forty-ish lady you know who can make a pose like this. Jing actually taught me how to project like this in front of the camera. Photos of us minus Lyn and Beds who were running straight from the airport just to make it for the celebration. The lady beside Jenny (to the left) represents Jes who's not around for the celebration. Kidding aside!
Another photo of us minus Joy who captured this moment.
A photo shoot was going on during the celebration. Foods were taken only as props here. Of course, I am kidding again. It was such a burpy meal! They just can't say goodbye even if they see each other almost every week in an event. Their husbands must be protesting and jealous over this bonding moment. In the middle of our lunch, some of the staff from Superbowl came to us and sang a birthday song, with a scoop of ice cream designed around with our names in happy birthday greetings. Thank you so much Jing for sharing us your birthday moment for September celebrants, me and Lyn.
Foods we feasted at Superbowl!
  So you think it ended there? Nope, there's more! We continued the celebration at Slimmers World. At first I thought we're going to work out and take the calories we have injected out of our system. I didn't know that Slimmers World is also a clinic for those who need a relaxing day for spa, massage and facial treatment. We actually had a Diamond Peel and a Facial Treatment that day. Treatment was given to us courtesy of Jing's sister who works as a Beauty Consultant at the clinic. We're truly pampered that day!
Di kinaya ng camera ang tawa ni Joy! Did you hear it? The clarity of the photo made it with laughter sound. I should have captured the video instead.
It was such a great bonding moment. We all had a great time at Slimmers World. I will make a much deserving separate post about it. Jing is a Columnist who writes for ESportS-Daily-News under Showbiz Entertainment and Miscellaneous Section daily. Please catch her everyday write up to know more of the latest update.

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  1. Hi fren, sorry that I've missed posting a comment in this overwhelming blog of yours. I am lost for words, really. I don't know how to thank you for this! I really enjoy every picture, every word you put in here! I know I can't thank you enough but Lord knows how happy I am for having such wonderful and loving friends like you. Love you fren! Mwah!!!


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