Saturday, September 24, 2011

Internet Addiction

During's 2nd Anniversary celebration held at Richmonde Hotel, one of the topics highlighted was about Internet Addiction. Vanessa Garon of Golden Values School , the first speaker during the event discussed about addiction that can start from early childhood. Because most of the people are now engaged online, the audience was able to relate with the topic and focused their attention on the discussion. Young kids these days are spending much time into the internet.

How well do you know your kids? Are they on their way to addiction? What about you? Check it out now.

Here are some of the slides during the event that I put down here so I could share to my readers.

What is IAD?

Internet Addiction Disorder or IAD is described as a growing addiction. Its constantly and exponentially growing as fast as the World Wide Web is.. daily, hourly even by the nano-second.

A passion adds value to one's life, an addiction takes away value. More people are getting online, and stay there once online. According to Maressa Orsack, Director of Computer Addiction Study Center at Harvard University's Mclean Hospital,

"5% and 10% of Web Surfers suffer some form of web dependency."

Studies reveal a number of habitual patterns similar to persons who are addicted to substances such as alcohol, narcotics or gambling.

The person is disintegrated. He struggles to reconcile online life with real life.. responsibilities with fantasy.

Overuse of inappropriate use of the internet:

  • a manifestation of their depression, anxiety, impulse control disorders or pathological gambling.

One definition that can be implied if you are an internet addict is that when you already hooked on computers and become dependent to online life.

Check out some symptoms that you might be having now without you knowing it or admitting it, or your kids might be on his way to addiction. A self confessed internet addict stated all the symptoms while she was a kid. Her addiction to internet started when she was only 3 years old. She said that she finds her own way even if it will cause her harm just so she can be connected to online world. At first, she had a hard time admitting it.

I attentively listened to the lady (shown above) as she testified how she changed her life from being an internet addict.

Internet addict never admit that he is an addict. Denial. The exact word that can be associated to addiction. There are some symptoms like when you already feel that things are out of control or when internet becomes a priority in your life.

The guest who testified is a former student from Golden Values School. Golden Values School is DEPED recognized. All branches have BID Accreditation for foreign students.

The features that Golden Values School offer include:

Academic Guarantee
Attitudinal and Values Program
Experimental Learning
Personalized attention through small classes
One on one Parent-Teacher conferences
English as the medium of instruction

Please visit the website for more details.

Teaching Attitudes and Values as well as Academics

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa isa n ata ako sa internet addict!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sabi ng husband ko kasi ipapa REHAB nya n daw ako e!!!

  2. hmmm in my case naman, I use the internet always because of my livelihood. Otherwise, I think I am ok.


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