Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nostalgia #71: A Thank You Post for a Birthday Post!

My entry this week will be as short as Thank You. Because I am giving enough exposure to this lady, (kidding aside) I will finish this entry no less than a hundred words. Please remember that you found a true Ate in this world, we call online and real too, who will always understand you and will always be here to give you a good advice. This might be a little late and brief, but it is always better to be late that never blog about it at all. Please head over now to this post. and see what I've been talking about. Never mind about the photos. The link will be posted here only for a week to keep the identity of this blog. ^-^

I am linking this to Nostalgia. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.



  1. You are very lucky to find true friends sis. Wish to see and meet you in poerson, sana wag kang matakot sakin hehehe.. Thanks sa walang sawang pagsupurta kahit na buysy ka.. mwah! Regards to ate and bunso.

  2. awww. how sweet naman Happy Birthday to Mommy Jes... hhehehe :0 dropping by sis for nostalgia :)

  3. syempre you are TRU FRIEND dn kaya ang mga friends mo ay TRUE dn :D


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