Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Freestyle Ballers Watch

As soon as I got home last Saturday, my two kids took my loot bags to see what's inside. I have two girls by the way, 13 and 11-year old tweens. I knew it, they're looking for Freestyle ballers because I called earlier that day to tell them that I got a Freestyle Ballers watch from the Blogapalooza event. My 13-year old girl who's gaga over ballers, said it's' hers while my little girl slapped the watch in her arms and said, "it fits me." Okay, that watch fits all so it surely fits you girl. So to stop, I told them to just pick the color of their choice HERE and just order online. The price is very affordable and it will not eat much of my budget anyway.

And who's not going crazy over this Freestyle Ballers? So sexy in different angle..

This Baller Watch is perfect for Christmas Giveaways. I can order them in bulk too. I don't even need to rush and pressure myself for Christmas. I am also thinking of giving a Freestyle Ballers for raffle in our community meet-up.

You'll be amazed how this business came up. So cool that they can reach the new generations like me.. err my kids. I actually got curious why my daughter saved her allowance not so long ago, only to find out that she spent it for her baller collection.

Slap it in your arms!

And who won? That's my left arm, armed with pinky Freestyle Watch! Cool eh! Who says mom can't wear pink?

Please check out other products from Freestyle Ballers

I like the red one, also violet, and blue, and white and black. I want it all!


The Freestyle Ballers is perfect as a souvenir, as exchange gift or as a token in any event.
Oder your Freestyle Ballers now!

Please check out Freestyle Ballers on Facebook for more details.


  1. We have the same watch! It's cute. :) New follower of yours!

  2. Wow pretty sis! I like it. Reminds me of my old Swatch. Hihi.

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaw!! I love!! can i have two or three?! purple pink and yellow?

  4. you got a nice color...this is a cute watch. and the owner, cute young entrepreneur huh!!!yayaman ang batang yan..bata pa lang marunong ng mag business!!!


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